MARCH, 2006

New products launch (Hemp Oil Lotions, Aromatic Tub Teas & Body Wash)!! And we're very excited to have our Calendula & Chamomile soap as a part of a gift basket layout in the April issue of "SHOP,ETC" magazine. Rena Tom, the owner of Rare Device (one of our Brooklyn retailers) was kind enough to bring their attention to The Bubble Roome. And also happy to add a new store! DOUBLEDUTCH BOUTIQUE in Baltimore will be opening soon with a lot of TBR goodness.

TESTIMONIAL (via email) - I love the Sugar Scrub! I've never tried it before and it was wonderful. You know how they say when someone has a bad experience with a company they tell 100 people but when they have a good experience they only tell 10? Not too worry - I'm keeping a list and I won't stop until I hit 100! Have a nice day - Jennifer

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