The Urban Outfitters

The nice kids who write the Urban Outfitters blog kindly included TBR in an August post. They even remember "the old days" when we did Brooklyn Slices. Now if we could only convince the store buyers to stock TBR then we would be SUPER happy!

"Brooklyn’s Bubble Roome used to make soaps and scrubs named for neighborhoods - think Coney Island in a bar. These days, they’re focusing on less site-specific blends like Clementine & Cedarwood, but that doesn’t mean we love them any less. Get some here."

And this too, from a blog called: 4designerd. Some sweet compliments on the packaging. There's a lot of great design examples at this blog.

And while we're at it: A fellow Brooklynite whose blog focus' on cool wedding trends noticed some TBR design in the hood.

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