March 11 - I take that back.....we're open again!

I just found out yesterday that Lucky Magazine decided to include TBR in their April issue, and that Jane Magazine has TBR soaps in their under $25 gift guide (thanks to the store Rare Device). These came as quite a surprise, and also created a quandry: national press, and the site is closed during reformulations and relocation. What's an entreprenuer to do???I decided I had to re-open, since the email box was filling up with Lucky readers signing up for the guest list. I knew I was disappointing readers who were coming to the site to check things out. No one wants to see a "closed" sign on a website.

So this current site is kind of a truncated version of the previous one. Because of the move, and lack of supplies, etc, Body Washes aren't available, nor are Tub Teas and (at this writing) Brooklyn Slices. But all of the other favorites are here and will be available until the Grand Re-opening.

Be sure to sign the mailing list so you'll know when the new site is up, with lots of great new products, formulas and packaging.

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding!!!

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