March 16 - Seen on Grey's Anatomy!

So I have this friend, right? Her name is Julie Gray and she's a terrific screenwriter and script consultant (see her cute website here and her very funny & informative blog here). And she has a friend named Angie, who is the Property Master for a small show you may have heard of called Grey's Anatomy. So Julie gave Angie some Bubble Roome products for Christmas and sent them to the studio. Lo and behold, people on the set liked the products and Angie decided they would be perfect for a scene where Izzy comes out of the shower and Alex sees her naked.

In the opening scene of last nights episode, eagle-eyed Bubble Roome fans could spot 3 different products. The opening shot had a Body Wash, there was a Sugar Scrub in the shower, and there is a Mineral Salt next to the door where Alex walks in.

It's very cool to think that something I made was on a Hollywood set!!!

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