Flawless Beauty

I had a mini-interview with Yvonee, the creator of a great blog named Flawless Beauty: "I came across the website for The Bubble Roome and fell for the packaging! Simply beautifully designed. I then discovered that the products are made with "goodness" and knew I had to post them on flawless beauty! I have not yet had the chance to try these but am going to do so the next time I'm shopping the boutiques in Brooklyn (where the company is based out of). What I really like about The Bubble Roome is that a lot of thought was put into the packaging and shelf appeal. If you have been following the inspiration posts, you know why shelf appeal is so important to me! The Bubble Roome founder David E. Johnston has a design background and is a self-proclaimed "product junkie". These products also make perfect gifts, being as cute as they are..."

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