Bubble Roome labels

I get all of my labels printed with a great company called Lightning Labels. I'm mentioning it for all you small business owners like me who want professional labels, yet don't need 10,000. Their prices are great, their customer service is excellent (Peggy rocks!), and they carry a stock material called Earthfirst PLA (which is what I use for our labels) that's, believe it or not, derived from corn, not petroleum as most labels are.
I mentioned in a posting earlier that the packaging blog TheDieline.com gave a shout out to TBR label design, so Peter at Lightning Labels was pleased since they produced them and he added that news to his blog. It's all one big Shout Out!
Read the Lightning Labels blog here. The original Dieline posting here.

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dillydeanie said...

i so appreciate how conscious you are of such things that are nice to the earth.. from what you put in your soaps to your labels- bravo!