Vintage Soap Collection - 03

Of all the things to model into soap, why not newborn Quintuplets!?! I think America was obsessed with multiple births back in the 30's & 40's, so the Kerk Guild in Utica, NY went ahead making a large set of literal bundles of joy. Believe it or not, this box (with it's terrific illustration & fonts) reads 1934!

The box also says these soaps were created by Lester Gaba (who I was unfamiliar with), and some fascinating info came up about him.....From his NY Times Obituary from 1987:

By 1932 Mr. Gaba had moved to New York, where he created the ''Gaba Girls,'' life-sized, carved-soap mannequins modeled after well-known New York debutantess for the windows of Best & Company. He is perhaps best known for designing the lifelike mannequin known as Cynthia that was created for Saks Fifth Avenue.

It looks like there are several books that he authored, as well as biographies.

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Christine, Clownbaby momma said...

deej- these are amazing! and i love your blog sorry didn't know about it sooner. peace, Cristine & bill Olive lucy & new baby OWen samuel danger (who all love the skip hop you gave us last year!)