Pretty By Nature

Noel at the blog Pretty By Nature was kind enough to spotlight our newest attraction: the Home Sweet Home 3-in-1 Spray. This blog is chock-full of beauty information with a hefty archive going back a few years. Check them out.


Anonymous said...

I have a box of vintage soaps in original packaging. Label says "Pure Castille Soap Handpainted by Austrian Craftsmen" Made in Austria MEM - that is company name I believe. They are 3 cute soap babies in a wooden cradle with painted decoration. Do you have interest in buying?

Anonymous said...

David your stuff is amazing! The 3 in 1 spray smells so delicious. I am a soap addict and I can honestly say I will not be buying any other brand of soap for a long, long time. Thanks for making such fantastic products. I am a bubbleroome buyer for life!!