Vintage Soap Collection - 05

I've written about my obsession with the vintage figural soaps of NY-based Lightfoot Soap Company before, but this special set of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs boxed collection of soaps really is a stunner. Made in the 1930's, this would have been a major gift set for Disney, who hired Lightfoot to do many of their other characters in soap as well. (click on pics to enlarge)

The "book" that houses the figures is embossed with gold and wonderful typography and illustration, as well as printing on the edges and spine to look as much like a book as possible. (click photos to enlarge)

Inside is a thin vellum frontispiece which restates the title, as well as the manufacturers info: "Modeled in Castile Soap - Painted with harmless vegetable color. Lightfoot Schultz Co. {also the makers of Old Spice perfume and bath products- which at this time would have been for women, not men}, makers of fine soaps for over twenty-seven years. 389 Fifth Ave. New York."

Inside, the beautifully detailed figures of the Dwarves and Snow White are still miraculously intact, after over 70 years!!!! And they still have traces of their "harmless vegetable color" after all this time.

This is one of the favorites of my collection, and I'm so pleased to be able to share it with you. Enjoy!


A Snow White Sanctum said...

This is an absolute stunner! What an amazing collection and in such good condition too considering the age. Thanks so much for posting!

Cr8on said...

I maintain the Old Spice Collectible web site ( and recently received some pictures of Three Little Pigs soap that may be the first set Schultz produced, as referenced in the American Cyanamid piece. Is there a way I can get you pictures to confirm this?


Unknown said...

i have the same full set for sale including the "book" - in good condition..